How Flowers Can Lift Your Mood

There is something about the feeling you experience when someone gives you a bouquet of flowers. Your partner showing you they have thought about you, care or have taken the time to choose your favourites. A friend showing that they love you. A colleague expressing their thanks or congratulations. Or even flowers to show that someone is thinking of you. Whatever the situation, whatever the reason, flowers can impact your mood and help you to feel happier, even if only for a few seconds. They can also not only impact you personally, but they can brighten up a room and change the atmosphere. But how do they do that? Here are some of the reasons and ways that flowers can lift your mood. 

Spark memories of joy and happiness

Flowers are beautiful to look at, and can instantly put a smile on your face, but they can also remind you of times gone by and happier memories, which, of course, can be an instant mood lifter. You may be having a bad day, and then the sight of that bunch of flowers your partner bought you featuring the flowers from your wedding day and you are then transported back to that moment. The excitement, the joy, and happiness you felt. Certain flowers can spark different emotions and feelings, but often they are happy and good memories. 

They can awaken the senses

Some flowers are strongly scented, and if they are left in a room for a while, upon re-entering you can be hot with the scent of fresh florals. This itself can be a mood lifter. There is nothing quite like awakening your senses, and smell and sight are two that can help to evoke strong emotions. 

Flowers can reduce anxiety and stress

There is proven data and studies that suggest smelling flowers can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. This is one of the reasons why aromatherapies are based on floral fragrances as they can awake then senses and help bring a level of calm. Even scented candles in your home may have floral scents to them. So having a fresh bunch of flowers proudly displayed in your home, and smelling the floral scent as well as being visually appealing, could help to reduce and calm and atmosphere of stress and anxiety that you have been experiencing.

How flowers can help reduce stress and anxiety

Colour schemes can help lift your mood

Many of us will have a colour scheme within our homes, but the colours of flowers can also have an impact on how we feel and move forward daily. For example, red can mean love and passion, whereas yellow can symbolise friendship and high energy. Having the right colour arrangements of flowers in your home or your workspace can help to feel brighter and happier within yourself. 

The gift of giving 

Flowers can be an instant lift to your mood in two ways. Giving flowers to a friend shows that you care which could lift your mood if you are feeling a little low. Researchers have gone on to say that giving a bunch of flowers to someone or a plant means emotionally you show your “true smile,” which produces endorphins in your body much like exercise can do for you. On the flip side, there is nothing quite like receiving a bouquet of flowers as well, which is an instant mood lifter and can put a smile on your face. 

Hopefully, this will help you to understand how flowers can have a positive impact on how you feel.