Our promise of sustainability

Reuse and recycle. These are words we live by at Make Their Day. 

As florists working to Nature’s seasons, we truly appreciate the importance of looking after the environment. 

Here are just 6 ways we keep our promise of supporting sustainable floristry:


We don’t use toxic chemicals to extend the life of our flowers. 


We return or recycle the cardboard and brown paper packaging that our flowers arrive in.


We compost all of the green waste generated from preparing our flowers.


We sell flowers from local or national growers as much as possible.


We present our bouquets in sustainable and/or recyclable wrapping — brown paper, cellophane made from plant cellulose and raffia made from plant fibres.


We use the shortest routes from our shop to deliver your flowers.

When you choose Make Their Day, your bouquets are 100% recyclable so you can spread a little joy and be kind to the environment.